Church Planting: 
            The Barraclough family is presently engaged in church planting.  We believe that the local church is the focal point of all that we do as foreign missionaries.  It is our goal to plant churches in Naso Indian villages, while continuing to evangelize the surrounding tribes in northwestern Panama and Costa Rica. 
            Iglesia Evangélica Pentecostal Camino de Santidad (Way of Holiness Pentecostal Church) was founded in February 2006 in the Naso village of Solong, and is our first church-plant among the Naso Indians, pastored by Rev. Gilberto Aguilar, Jr. along with his wife, Mari, and their three children. 

 Children’s Crusades:
            The Barraclough family in conjunction with other GMT missionaries are active in children’s crusades among the Naso Indians.  Five such crusades were conducted in 2006 in Naso Indian villages along the Teribe River, complete with puppets, dramas, Scripture memory, altar services, and fun & games. 

Music Ministry:
            Joe has been active in using his musical talents among the Naso Indian believers, especially during the previous summer while conducting revival campaigns and children’s crusades.  A great deal of enthusiasm was generated when Joe was able to bring down a keyboard for the conducting of revival services in August. 
            In 2007, he plans to provide limited music training to national believers on the keyboard and guitar.  Thanks to Mayberry Music in Anna, IL for their contribution of music supplies for national workers, and The Southeast Church of God, Pastor Woody Posey for their donation of a keyboard. 
           To donate new or used musical equipment to the ministry, please contact joe at or via cell phone (972) 839-4141.  Non-cash donation receipts may be furnished for your donations of music equipment and/or instruments You may find this information on our “Contact Us” link on the homepage.

Short-Term Mission Trips:
            In 2006, Global Missionary Taskforce, Inc. formed M-28 Taskforce, a ministry designed to promote missions involvement of our youth and others in the United States through short-term foreign mission trips.  The first short-term trip, Passport to Panama 2006, was executed in the Summer of 2006, taking a group of 14 to the jungles of Panama for pioneer evangelism and the conducting of revival services and children’s services.  Bookmark our website for the announcement of future trips, and your chance to become personally engaged in impacting this world for Jesus Christ through foreign missions service.  See our Go page for all of our missionary opportunities.

Missions Mentoring:
            Beginning in 2004, veteran missionary Chuck Akers, President of GMT, & Joe began developing a mentoring program, with the primary goal of training national leaders through hand-on experience and ministry exposure in a program they called “Plan Timoteo” (The Timothy Plan).  Since that time this program has mushroomed to become the major thrust of GMT’s recruitment strategy, whereby veteran missionaries train first term missionaries through a mentoring relationship.
            Under this plan, Joe has assumed the responsibilities of providing accounting, administrative and banking assistance to GMT missionaries, in addition to training them in budgeting, and field-related topics, and plans to be active in hands-on field training in 2007 and beyond. 



For more information on joining GMT as a Plan Timoteo Missionary or other ways to become involved in foreign missions work with Global Missionary Taskforce, check out our “Go” page.